You’ve made the right choice to purchase a home by Rainbow Homes! Our long history in Southern Maryland, unique floor plans, quality construction, and individualized customer service make Rainbow Homes different from the rest.

Warranty Coverage

Like building your dream home, our service to you starts from the ground up. Our knowledgeable employees will guide you every step of the way – even after settlement.

Before settlement, you’ll take a walk through of your new home. This is your chance to make sure everything was completed according to the specifications you set out with us when you signed your purchase contract.

After settlement, you’ll receive a package that includes a copy of our 2-10 Builder Warranty. You’ll also get contact information for all of the vendors that worked on your home.

A year later, we’ll check in with you again to make sure you’re happy and that everything in your new home is what you expected. But don’t wait for that one-year visit to contact us! If something is amiss or something goes wrong, you can contact our office at any time for help.