From start to finish, energy efficiency is a priority in Rainbow Homes’ building process. We integrate energy-efficient features into every part of your home so you can enjoy more savings, better health, and greater peace of mind.

How does a Rainbow Home save you money? Here are just a few of the ways our homes are built to save.

Tight Envelope

What does “envelope” mean when it comes to your house? It means our homes are built tight to keep cold or warm air inside the house. Your home’s walls, windows, doors, ceilings, and floors combine to create a barrier that seals your home and limits leaks, drafts, moisture, and pests.

Fresh Air Ventilation

Efficient delivery and filtration systems help reduce dust, odors, and indoor contaminants to make sure you have a healthy home and peace of mind.

An Improved Insulation System

Our building and framing technique plus the type, thickness, and R-value of insulation increase efficiency because voids and gaps are minimized. Low-e glass windows help reduce the transfer of heat through windows which helps keep heat out in the summer and in during the winter.

HVAC Equipment

We install multiple air ducts and return air grilles to help stimulate fresh air ventilation in your home as well as decrease humidity, let air circulate more easily, and reduce energy usage.

Managing Moisture

It’s important to manage moisture everywhere, but especially here in Southern Maryland. We install the right-size HVAC system and multiple air ducts and returns to help dry the moisture that naturally passes through your home.

Features That Save Water

Water-efficient toilets, faucets, shower heads, and appliances have a direct impact on your wallet – helping you reduce your water usage and bill!